Welcome to AMC's new Home Page!

AMC Konsult AB is a high-tech Company specializing in the field of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Material and in the field of Risk Assessment in Transport of Nuclear Material.

AMC Konsult AB was founded in 1989, by Ann-Margret Ericsson and Clifford Järnry.

AMC Konsult AB has been active mostly in the areas of nuclear Safeguards, Transport Safety, and Risk Assessments but also in areas like calculation of reactor core inventory and release from postulated reactor accidents.

What is new?

2012-03-15: First testing of the new web site. The Web-site uses MSDN ASP.NET You can find documentation on ASP.NET at MSDN.

2012-01-24: Problems with running Intertran2 calculation module on Windows7-64bit was reported. The present Fortran compiler for Radtran4 do not support 64-bit environment. We are looking into the problem.