Intertran2 - Downloads.

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OBSERVE! The Intertran2 calculation part does only work in a 32-bit environment!

Observe: Feedback page is not added yet! If You have any comments on the Intertran2 package, please use our Feedback page or send an E-mail.

Download a the new patch Intertran2.8.002 (4.4 Mb) Here

UnZIP and save the .EXE file in your Intertran2-8/ directory!

Download a the new full version of Intertran2.8.001 (12.4 Mb) Here

This is a full version that is installed in an new directory. To use data from previous versions, please read the ReadMe.txt file in the Intertran2-8 directory.

(Observe that older versions of Intertran2 will NOT be supported anymore!)

If there is problems with the download of Intertran2.8.001, it is possible to download it as a ZIP-file Here

Download the Users-Guide (480 kb) Here (PDF-file requires Acrobat Reader)

Download the Advisory Material (227 kb) Here (PDF-file requires Acrobat Reader)

System requirements: Windows95/98,NT/2000/XP or Vista. 15 MB disk space.

Special Tools; Now available as a part of the installation:

Download the Intertran2 - training course (draft version)(213kB) Here

Download the Intertran2 - training course data (draft version)(10kB) Here

(PDF-files requires Acrobat Reader)