About Us.

AMC Konsult AB was founded in 1989 by:

Ann-Margreth Ericsson-Eklund who has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and has worked in the nuclear field since 1975. She was earlier working for another consultant company in Sweden. In that company she was head of the group dealing with Safeguards, Transport Safety studies, Biosphere Modelling and Risk Assessment for Transport. She has also been involved in work dealing with Waste Management and Risk Assessments for the back end of the fuel cycle. In addition to this she was responsible for the financial management.

Clifford Järnry who has a Bachelors degree in Physics, from the University in Linköping, Sweden, with additional courses in reactor physics and reactor technology. He has been working in the field of safeguards since 1984, first as a safeguards inspector with responsibility for coordination and evaluation of all safeguards activities at the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate. Later also as a specialist developing computerized Safeguards systems.