Database Programming

AMC Konsult AB has been developing advanced data base system for Non Proliferation of Nuclear Material for over 20 years. This unique experience can be used in other fields.

Advanced Database Programming Features

  • Custom Made Software
  • Windows95/98,NT,2000,XP,Vista and Windows7 compability
  • Visual Objects 32-bit Fully Object-Oriented software
  • Multi-User Environment/Network
  • User-Friendly interfaces


We have long experience in developing advanced database handling systems for safeguards. (Non-proliferation of nuclear materials). This is a very complex environment of handling data.

Our long experience in this complicated field gives us the capability to analyze and understand almost any problem connected to database handling. We can define the problems and make a suitable solution for any program and generate the custom made software.

We work close together with the final users to create a user-friendly interface.

Please contact us and see what we can help you with.